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Welcome to Bayview Yards

Bayview Yards is a dynamic and energized hub that serves as basecamp for some of our greatest homegrown technology talent, capabilities and companies. It is the ultimate one-stop business acceleration shop and ‘mash-up’ of technical, business and market services, resources and expertise that helps entrepreneurs and companies launch, grow and thrive, and compete with anyone in the world.

Leveraging $38 million from the City of Ottawa, the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada through FedDev Ontario, and more than $1.3 million from founding sponsors, Bayview Yards brings together many organizations that provide services and support to entrepreneurs and firms – all under one roof.

And it is home to our anchor tenant Invest Ottawa, which delivers its economic development programs from this new home, and works together with fellow academic, public and private sector program delivery partners to create an even more dynamic hotbed of innovation in our region.

Bayview yards Announces Gender Diversity and Inclusion Guideline


See why we are Ottawa’s epicentre for innovation, business acceleration and job creation.

Looking for unique meeting spaces to set your events apart? With modern industrial style architecture, masonry panels, flat roof and large windows, Bayview Yards will help you impress your audience and guests. Our multi-functional meeting spaces can accommodate anything from large gatherings of up to 300 people for banquets and corporate announcements, to traditional meetings and breakout sessions in boardroom or classroom set-up. All meeting spaces are equipped with large TV screens or projector screens with HDMI input. The best-kept secret at Bayview Yards is our second-floor terrace. With modern patio furniture and beautiful tropical plants, it provides a private and cozy oasis for corporate cocktails and summer parties.

Welcome to MadeMill

MadeMill is a one-stop advanced manufacturing and digital media production lab, and the creative heart of Bayview Yards. Leveraging generous support from FedDev Ontario, MadeMill offers professional services, education, open-source design solutions, innovative showcases and demonstrations to entrepreneurs, firms and members of our local, national and global innovation community! Most importantly, it serves as a gateway to Ottawa’s vibrant and creative ecosystem.

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With the increasing adoption of digital technology across the public and private sector, growing reliance on advanced networks, software and related applications for critical infrastructure, and the emergence of the Internet of Things, the risk of cyberattacks increases exponentially each year.  By 2021, the cost of cybercrime damage is expected to reach $6 trillion, and cybersecurity spending is projected to skyrocket to more than $1 trillion. This demands a new generation of cyber experts, targeted technologies and stealth companies that leverage these assets, and supply solutions around the world.

The Global Cybersecurity Resource (GCR) Program, established and managed by Carleton University, targets high growth firms with the potential to acquire global customers and generate a minimum of $1 million in revenue within 12 months that 1) focus on cybersecurity technologies, products and services for global markets; or 2) use cybersecurity as a key product differentiator.

Leveraging generous support from FedDev Ontario, GCR equips these firms with the skills, resources and linkages required to develop novel products that address key security challenges, meet private and public-sector needs, and capture global markets.

The Growcer Agri-Tech Innovation Pod

The Growcer is a social enterprise that manufactures containerized growing systems for remote food production that is designed to work in extreme conditions such as the Arctic. These remote food production systems produce more than 230 pounds of fresh produce per system per month and have been deployed in many regions (such as Churchill, Manitoba), helping to address the agri-food needs of Indigenous Communities.  The firm was recently featured in Fast Company and CBC National, and was among the top 12 candidates for Fast Company’s World Changing Innovation Award in the Food Category

Leveraging critical support from FedDev Ontario, this pod and associated capabilities are now available to Ottawa innovators, technology developers, entrepreneurs, startups, scaleup companies and aspiring entrepreneurs.  It enables users to beta test, validate and refine different agri-tech innovations, technologies, products and processes in a unique living lab.

Building History and Architecture

Constructed from 1941 to 1947 for the City of Ottawa, City Works Building #4 was established as part of a broader building complex on Bayview Road.   During this era, this municipal works building housed key operational and storage capabilities for the City, including machinery storage and repair shops, stables, offices and stock rooms. Although City Works Yards featured many buildings during this period, most of these facilities have been demolished.

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